76mm Black Plastic Flexible Air Ducting - PVC 'Flexi Duct - 1 Metre

FPD 076
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'Flexi Duct' is a flexible plastic ducting consisting of a PVC coated ducting with an embedded wire helix enabling the ducting to hold a desired shape. Light weight & good in applications in high temperature and low pressure ranges. Fully Extended Length is 1 Metre, with a minimum contracted length of 300mm. Features - Operating Temperature: -60°C up to +125°C - Flexible with excellent reliability in all conditions. - PVC with Wire Ribs that provide strength and allow required shape and length to be fixed. - Used for hot and cold air feed or extraction, funes and dust extraction.


Blue - Red - Black
PVC with Wire Helix
Wall Thickness
(-) 60°C to (+) 180°C
BHP Guide
More Information
Clip Band Width N/A
Size N/A
Colour Temperature N/A
Color Black
Manufacturer N/A
Vehicle Manufacturer N/A
Material PVC
Vehicle Model N/A
Front Pair Wiper Blade Lengths N/A
Blade Length Inches / mm N/A
Length 1 Metre
Wiper Blade Fitment N/A
Bulb Fitment N/A
Additional Info N/A
Inside Diameter 76mm
Outside Diameter N/A
Centering Diameter N/A
Elbow Degree N/A
Condition N/A
Department N/A
Diameter N/A
Fitment Range N/A
Front or Rear N/A
Overall Height N/A
Luminous flux N/A
Max Burst Pressure N/A
Max Temperature N/A
Min Burst Pressure N/A
Min Temperature N/A
Fixing Holes N/A
Part Number N/A
Number of Plys N/A
Thickness N/A
Pack Quantity N/A
Size/Quantity N/A
Wear Indicator N/A
Wall Thickness N/A
Width N/A
Vehicle Year N/A
Reducer Size N/A
Terminal Type N/A
Bulb Beam N/A
Free Shipping N/A
Letter Postage N/A
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